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Dave Havir - Validation From God


This video message has been archived.

While it is no longer available as an instant stream, you may still download it and play it locally.

Just click here to download the message.

Note: You will need to have a player installed that will play FLV files to watch the video after downloading.

See our "Need Help" pages for possible alternatives.

Dave Havir, suggesting that validation from God is among the five most important things in our Christian walk, cautions us not to seek validation from people, loving the praise of men more than from God, fearing being kicked out of the local congregation. Our elevation in the local congregation does nothing to enhance our spiritual growth. We need to be careful not to develop an addiction of needing praise and approval from people. Jesus’ self respect was not based upon what other people thought of him. His actions made some angry and others happy. This will be our fate as well. We cannot be a hermit cut off from other people, but we cannot allow them to be our source of validation. We need to enjoy our time away from people, discovering our personality types. Our Elder Brother Jesus Christ frequently needed quiet time to get away. If God consumes your private time, you will not be alone. We need to enjoy our private time and our contact with God. We cannot make ourselves dependent upon religious or civil government, but insist upon our freedoms. If we depend upon God, we will not need to depend upon people. The more we are connected to the Rock (Jesus Christ), the more stable we will be and will not be sucked into the world. We should appreciate the people in our lives, but remember our validation is from God.

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