Among Friends

2020 and 2021 Editions

Bruce Arians Chooses Competent People_Havir_2020-09-05

Calamity and Restoration in Joel_ Havir_2020-09-12.pdf

Calamity and Restoration in NT_Havir_2020-09-19.pdf

Three Reasons for Fasting_Havir_2020-09-26_10-10.pdf

You Are Not a Racist_Matory_2020-10-17.pdf

Roman Occupation During Christs Life_Havir_2020-10-24.pdf

Pauls Rights During Roman Occupation_Havir_2020-10-31.pdf

Historic Spiritual Battles_Havir_2020-11-07.pdf

Overview of the Book of Amos_Havir_2020-11-14.pdf

Amos 3-3_Havir_2020-11-21.pdf

Amos 5-13_Havir_2020-11-28.pdf

Amos 5-18_Havir_2020-12-05.pdf

Amos 5-21_Havir_2020-12-12.pdf

Amos 6-3-6_Havir_2020-12-19.pdf

amos 8 verses 11 and 12_havir_2020-12-26.pdf

all eyes are on the great reset_havir_2021-01-02.pdf

they are liars_havir_2021-01-09.pdf

the father of lies_havir_2021-01-16.pdf

the left forgets what martin luther king stood for_woodson_2020-01-23.pdf

the biblical question of self defense_havir_2021-01-30.pdf

prolife leaders march in dc to commemorate 60 million killed_weimer_2021-02-06.pdf

god will send them strong delusion_havir_2021-02-06.pdf

evil mentioned in the pentateuch_havir_2021-02-13.pdf

winter storm pummels us_havir_2021-02-20.pdf

how did israel end up in egypt_havir_2021-02-27.pdf

deliverance from egypt was certain_havir_2021-03-06.pdf

god hardened pharaohs heart_havir_2021-03-13.pdf

saved by blood and through water_havir_2021-03-20.pdf

passover lamb died at 3 pm_havir_2021-03-28.pdf

lusting murmuring and tempting christ_havir_2021-04-03.pdf

the sin of idolatry_havir_2021-04-10.pdf

sexual immorality_havir_2021-04-17.pdf

surviving in an angry world part 1_havir_2021-04-24.pdf

surviving in an angry world part 2_havir_2021-05-01.pdf

surviving in an angry world part 3_havir_2021-05-08.pdf

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